Hey everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Last Wednesday Mexico achieved a 2-1 victory against New Zealand in the group stage of the Confederation Cup being held in Sochi, Russia. I watched the match with some mates and we had a couple thoughts about the games and the win in particular that I wanted to share with you.

A Win for Mexico to Forget

A one point victory is not a very convincing one, and especially not the convincing score that fans from El Tri were screaming would happen. These fans should really be comfortable with anything from this victory other than the fact they got three points. Mexico did not manage to score until the 54th minute, where as Chris Wood put New Zealand up with three minutes left before break. El Tri managed to make it into the net again in minute 72, but almost lost their control when Ryan Thomas nailed one on the crossbars in the 85th.

Mexico came down from Portugal

The game against Portugal last Sunday seemed to put Mexico on a huge high, and showed they can dance the dance with the best of them. Playing against New Zealand however showed they still have some big weaknesses that need addressing. Will Osorio’s rotations continue to work in major tournaments that have shorter turnaround time between games? The coach will inevitably be grilled by media and fans over his eight changes and additional formation change that showed a lack of chemistry from the first whistle. There was no possessions that felt natural, nothing that flowed together. New Zealand had better stats at the half in nearly every category, which can only happen when a squad is not working together.

Mexico vs. New Zealand



Hey fellow runners, whats going on. Welcome back to my sports and fitness blog, Oldgrounds. Of course I am going to be talking about running again today, but instead of my usual post about training, I have some safety tips for you this time. I have been doing so much work lately that I have no time for running in the day and switched to night running. This can be quite dangerous if you don’t get the proper equipment and follow some basic tips. Make sure that you don’t scrimp when it comes to safety, which is why I bought all of my new safety gear at https://www.easyprices.com, which has some great deals on all kinds of clothing. Now I know it is getting late so I will try and spit this out for you all so you can still get a run in before bed.

Reflective T shirt

Reflective Safety Shirt

One of if not the most dangerous part of running in the dark in the risk of being hit by a vehicle. When you are on the side of the road or highway running in your black shirt and black pants you just blend into the darkness. We recommend that instead you wear a shirt with a reflective badge on it, preferably in the shape of an X taking up the back and the front of the shirt. There are some really good ones for sale on https://www.easyprices.com/fashion/safety-reflective-shirts-cheap at great prices, so take a look there if you are wondering where to find some reflective safety shirts. For you fashionista’s out there that don’t want to sacrifice your look, check out the reflective shirts from Reebok

Colorful running shoes

Colourful Runners

Your feet are (or should be) always moving while you run. There is a constant sole up in the air, and that sole should be noticeable if you are running at night. Again, this means no black on black. You need to have some color on your shoe soles so that people can constantly see there is something moving even in the dark. There are some really colorfull shoes from the Spike Lee Mars collection, and you can take a look at all of the Spike Lee Mars shoes for sale online at https://www.easyprices.com/fashion/spike-lee-mars-best. The price cannot be beat, and you shouldn’t complain about price when it comes to safety anyways.

night running

Remain Alert

The other big danger when running is unfortunately other people. Always be wary of where you are running and how populated it is, plus where the nearest place to call for help is. This is one reason I prefer running on the sidewalks and streets, as there are doors you can run too and knock on as opposed to trees and benches in a park. I hope that this was a very informative post for everyone, there is a lot of good information in here. If you are wanting to read more about me or my blog, then consider reading my about me to get a better idea of who I am. Talk to you all soon, Anne out.

Hey everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. I read something today that made me really want to post on here, and it was regarding the Olympics in Brazil. Does anyone know who Shannon Rowbury is? She runs for the US Olympic team, and she finished fourth in the 1,500 metre finals in Rio. Normally that wouldn’t matter, it would just be a case of better luck next time or try harder. But for Shannon, there aren’t many options for how to try harder. Not without doping.



The top two finishers in the 1,500 metre race this year had both been previously linked to performance enhancing substances. Bans had been handed down from various organizations, but at the end of the day none of that mattered. The best athletes compete at the Olympics, no matter how they got that accolade. The same thing had happened in 2012 in London as well, except the top three runners had all previously admitted to taking banned substances.


Tomorrow, Rowbury will compete in the Wanamaker in New York. She will feel right at home in the Armory, a giant castle like structure that has been standing in Manhattan for more than 100 years. The Wanamaker is hoster but the New York Road Runners, and they take an extremely hard stance on doping. Any drug involvement in an athlete’s past will ensure they don’t even get an invite to this prestigious race.


I think that more races, and especially big global competitions should be like the Wanamaker and kept drug free. If you allow lackluster performance enhancer screening, then eventually all the athletes will have to be doping in order to be on an equal field and then it will keep escalating. What do you guys think about this? Let me know you comments in the sections below, and show your support for natural athletes. See you later!


Hey everyone, my name is Anne and welcome, to my sports and fitness blog. This blog is mainly about running, and being that the National Football League combine just wrapped up I figured why not talk about a a dash, not a run. The forty yard dash to be specific, which is a drill used in sports combines across North America to test an athlete’s explosiveness, speed and acceleration.

40 yard dash

The forty yard dash

For anyone young athlete trying to make their mark, a good forty yard dash time is obviously a good place to start. If you want to have an impressive forty time, you need to have a strong start and high acceleration to carry you through the dash. The exercises you do have to then improve on your push and your acceleration like ankling or the an a-run.


Ankling is the beginer step to top speed training. While performing the first part of your dash your body will be leant forward with your legs imitating pistons. You start this process in your initial stance, and then push your weight into the front of your shoe then locking your ankle, gravity then dictates that you must stand up. After the first five yards of explosiveness, do 5 more yards of hard butt kicks.


The next natural process is the A-run. The A-run combines ankling and a butt kick, and minimizing the cylindrical motion when your foot leaves the ground. The A-run will not only complete the desired piston like cycle, but help in aiding to a better ground preparation.


That is the first half to how to improve your forty yard dash time. If you liked this blog post then let me know and I will continue it at a later date with more exercises. Until then, I hope you all have super days, and I will see you again next time.


Hello you nasty people, my name is Anne and this, is my sports and fitness blog. Well more of a running blog but that’s a sport and it keeps you fit so boom! I am always talking my friends heads off when we go running together, so much that they don’t like to run with me anymore so I thought why not create a blog so that I can talk about running on there?

Before you go ahead and make your opinions, I am not one of those people who hear running is good and start looking everything up online then shoving it down people’s throats. I actually was on the track and field team in university, and competed in long distance running. A lot of what I have to say is based on what I learned doing that and none of this new age nonsense.

I hope you will follow me on this little run of ours, where we will explore proper shoes, different techniques and training programs to help in different areas. I am super excited to finally be doing this, and I promise I will not let my readers down!