Doping in Running

Hey everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. I read something today that made me really want to post on here, and it was regarding the Olympics in Brazil. Does anyone know who Shannon Rowbury is? She runs for the US Olympic team, and she finished fourth in the 1,500 metre finals in Rio. Normally that wouldn’t matter, it would just be a case of better luck next time or try harder. But for Shannon, there aren’t many options for how to try harder. Not without doping.



The top two finishers in the 1,500 metre race this year had both been previously linked to performance enhancing substances. Bans had been handed down from various organizations, but at the end of the day none of that mattered. The best athletes compete at the Olympics, no matter how they got that accolade. The same thing had happened in 2012 in London as well, except the top three runners had all previously admitted to taking banned substances.


Tomorrow, Rowbury will compete in the Wanamaker in New York. She will feel right at home in the Armory, a giant castle like structure that has been standing in Manhattan for more than 100 years. The Wanamaker is hoster but the New York Road Runners, and they take an extremely hard stance on doping. Any drug involvement in an athlete’s past will ensure they don’t even get an invite to this prestigious race.


I think that more races, and especially big global competitions should be like the Wanamaker and kept drug free. If you allow lackluster performance enhancer screening, then eventually all the athletes will have to be doping in order to be on an equal field and then it will keep escalating. What do you guys think about this? Let me know you comments in the sections below, and show your support for natural athletes. See you later!