Mexico’s Win over New Zealand

Hey everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Last Wednesday Mexico achieved a 2-1 victory against New Zealand in the group stage of the Confederation Cup being held in Sochi, Russia. I watched the match with some mates and we had a couple thoughts about the games and the win in particular that I wanted to share with you.

A Win for Mexico to Forget

A one point victory is not a very convincing one, and especially not the convincing score that fans from El Tri were screaming would happen. These fans should really be comfortable with anything from this victory other than the fact they got three points. Mexico did not manage to score until the 54th minute, where as Chris Wood put New Zealand up with three minutes left before break. El Tri managed to make it into the net again in minute 72, but almost lost their control when Ryan Thomas nailed one on the crossbars in the 85th.

Mexico came down from Portugal

The game against Portugal last Sunday seemed to put Mexico on a huge high, and showed they can dance the dance with the best of them. Playing against New Zealand however showed they still have some big weaknesses that need addressing. Will Osorio’s rotations continue to work in major tournaments that have shorter turnaround time between games? The coach will inevitably be grilled by media and fans over his eight changes and additional formation change that showed a lack of chemistry from the first whistle. There was no possessions that felt natural, nothing that flowed together. New Zealand had better stats at the half in nearly every category, which can only happen when a squad is not working together.

Mexico vs. New Zealand