How to train for a forty yard dash

Hey everyone, my name is Anne and welcome, to my sports and fitness blog. This blog is mainly about running, and being that the National Football League combine just wrapped up I figured why not talk about a a dash, not a run. The forty yard dash to be specific, which is a drill used in sports combines across North America to test an athlete’s explosiveness, speed and acceleration.

40 yard dash

The forty yard dash

For anyone young athlete trying to make their mark, a good forty yard dash time is obviously a good place to start. If you want to have an impressive forty time, you need to have a strong start and high acceleration to carry you through the dash. The exercises you do have to then improve on your push and your acceleration like ankling or the an a-run.


Ankling is the beginer step to top speed training. While performing the first part of your dash your body will be leant forward with your legs imitating pistons. You start this process in your initial stance, and then push your weight into the front of your shoe then locking your ankle, gravity then dictates that you must stand up. After the first five yards of explosiveness, do 5 more yards of hard butt kicks.


The next natural process is the A-run. The A-run combines ankling and a butt kick, and minimizing the cylindrical motion when your foot leaves the ground. The A-run will not only complete the desired piston like cycle, but help in aiding to a better ground preparation.


That is the first half to how to improve your forty yard dash time. If you liked this blog post then let me know and I will continue it at a later date with more exercises. Until then, I hope you all have super days, and I will see you again next time.